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Focus on the production of forged aluminum cookware.

GPR Cookware supplies aluminum pans & pots with original designs & OEM service for your business.

Pans & Pots We Offer

Forged aluminum cookware with stylish design & excellent performance.

New Cookware Series

Get quick access to our pans & pots combining the latest technology & design.

Not Your Average Manufacturer

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    Automatic Machines
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    Nonstick Production lines
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    Skilful Workers
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    Pans & Pots Produced / Year

0.2% This is Our Defective Rate.

Yes. Only 2 out of 1000 pans or pots may come defective. And they have been weeded out in our factory so what you receive are 100% top-grade cookware.

At GPR Cookware, no detail is too small to overlook. We employ a strict quality management system from production, inspection to in-house tests.

We draw on the best materials, the most
state-of-the-art facilities & skillful workers for only ONE purpose. That's quality aluminum cookware to boost your business.

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Not All Cookware is Made Equal

Why our forged aluminum pans & pots are your better choices compared with other types?

  • 1. Cold Pressing Tech makes thicker rim & bottom for improved durability.
  • 2. Aluminum with heat conductivity 16 times that of stainless steel distributes heat evenly without creating hot spots.
  • 3. Unlike casting, forging creates porosity free surface for better coating.
  • 4. PFOA-free & abrasion-resistant non-stick coating prevents food reaction for safer cooking.
Discover Technology & Design

Business Benefits You Can See

No matter you're a retailer, wholesaler or brand owner, you can reap substantial benefits by partnering with us.

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    Consistent Quality

    Manufacturing in-house gives us complete control of the production process & ensures the consistent quality of our cookware.

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    Competitive Pricing

    Semi-automatic production, savvy sourcing & robust manufacturing techniques
    help lower the cost from beginning to the end.

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    Shorter Lead Time

    We're able to work to tight timescale thanks to our full control over the production process, which results in
    shorter lead time.

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    Up-to-date Products

    We launch new product series every half year so you can always catch up with the latest market needs.

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    Flexible Solution

    In-house production, testing & tool-making allow us to be flexible with the unique requirements of our clients.

Satisfied Partners

We've exported thousands of premium cookware which help develop their business in the local markets.

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