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As a professional pans & pots manufacturer, we supply a wide selection of non-stick frying pans.There are choices of shapes, colors, sizes for all types of frying pans, both shallow & deep.Just pick any piece that suits your market taste!

Performance That Makes You Stand Out

Our pans have outstanding performance to help you win in your marketplace.

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    Thicker Rim & Bottom

    Manufactured by cold pressing tech, our aluminum frying pans are built to last longer with thicker rim & bottom.

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    Better Non-stick Coating

    Our non-stick frying pans with the 3-ply coating are scratch-resistant and can withstand heat up to 380℃.

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    Induction Compatible

    With steel disc bonded to the bottom, our frying pans are ready for both induction cooktop & oven.

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    Stay-cool Handle

    Handles made with highly heat-resistant materials will stay cool, making gripping & serving easier.

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Quality At Factory Prices

We have our own 20,000-square-foot factory, up to 60 automatic facilities and a committed workforce of over 200 skilled staff.In our factory, we've committed to quality manufacturing with a strict quality management system.In-house production also allows us to cut down costs in each possible step so you can enjoy all the benefits of dealing directly.Explore Our Quality Production >>
Mix & Match

To Suit Your Business

Not only are our shallow and deep frying pans available in different sizes, designs & non-stick coatings, there are also numerous accessories for you to choose from.A wide range of custom options means that you can mix and match different possibilities, and react flexibly to various tastes of your local customers.
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