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Impressive Series Cookware Set


  • super hard and rough finish inside and outside inside: ultra-abrasion resistant performance; outside: scratch and open fire resistant;
  • full induction bottom: rapid heat conduction; smooth bottom finish could prevent the knob surface from being scratched;
  • cast s/s handle and knob: safe and stable

Items included:

  • Frying Pan x 1
  • Deep Frying Pan x 1
  • Wok x 1
  • Casserole x 1
  • Saucepan x 1
  • Grill pan x 1
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Compatible Cooktops:


Available Exterior Colors:


Available Bottom:

  • hole-induction
    Hole Induction
  • petal-induction
    Petal Induction
  • full-induction
    Full Induction
  • half-full-induction
    Half full induction
  • meltallizing-induction
    Meltallizing induction
  • Dimension
  • Non-stick Coating
  • Accessories

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